Token Burn Information by Quant Network


True to our word, we have finalised our (Ticker: QNT) token burn on Friday 14 September 2018.

How many tokens were burnt?

We burned 9,545,765.950989192 QNT tokens.

What is the updated supply?

Total Supply: 14,612,493.080826178 QNT

Why is Etherscan/Coinmarketcap still showing a higher number of total supply?

We have contacted Etherscan and informed them that their total supply reflects the theoretical supply directly from the Smart Contract — i.e. the absolutely maximum number of tokens we could have created versus what we actually did and what was burnt.

Ethereum Transaction 0x763f32a09916193139e03bd0c97967c7c9eb9e085d677e3940d8b726ea4c8605

Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for 0x763f32a09916193139e03bd0c97967c7c9eb9e085d677e3940d8b726ea4c8605


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